Cultural events which are organized every year in Petrosani

Petroșani Days
The first edition of this cultural and artistic event took place on November 29-30, 2001, the initiative of the Mayor, dr. Gheorghe David being very well received by citizens. For this reason, it established a tradition of the celebration Petrosani, continuing year after year, for public enjoyment Petrosani.
June 1st
International Children’s Day is a good reason for joy, a wonderful celebration for children but also for adults. Each year, Petrosani City Hall in cooperation with local schools, organize various actions involving our pre-school and school pupils.
New Year in the streets
For the citizens who want to cross the threshold in the New Year and celebrate the New Year in the streets, the Municipality organizes every year for its locals, a show with folk and pop music concerts, with the participation of the most loved celebrities, and after 12.00, there are awesome fireworks.

The 50th and 60th Wedding anniversary
Marriage is one of the most beautiful events in the life for two people who decide to travel the long road of life together and share both good and evil. Couples celebrating 50 years of marriage are rewarded by the City Hall of Petrosani, in a festive celebration, since 1999.
Couples celebrating at least 60 years of marriage were rewarded for the first time in 2013, and our institution will continue this event in the years to come.

The rewarding takes place on the basis of an application filed at the Registry of the City Hall, together with copies of the identity cards of both spouses and copy of the marriage certificate. The application can also be found on our website in the section Forms / Public Relations.

Only couples who celebrated at least 50 years or 60 years of marriage and have never received the “Fidelity Diploma” – 50 years of marriage and “Longevity Diploma” – 60 years of marriage are rewarded.
The rewarding is based on a decision of the Local Council, and the families which will be rewarded are announced both written and by phone call announcing the date and time when the event will occur.

“Nedeia Momarlaneasca”
It is a celebration of the mountains, feasted for the first time in Romania in 1350 and the first “Nedeia” in Jiu Valley area happened in 1520. On the occasion of that celebration, the peasants were exchanging goods coming from different parts of the country bordering the Jiu Valley, from Gorj, Valcea counties etc. The custom was an occasion for the inhabitants of the mountain hamlets to show their beautiful costumes, to dance on the hills guarding the settlements of “momarlani”, no one  being allowed to miss the celebration. That beautiful tradition is still preserved nowadays.
International Women’s Day
March 8th, the International Women’s Day is a nice opportunity to celebrate the women in our lives. As a sign of appreciation and gratitude, the Municipality organizes every year cultural and artistic events dedicated to the celebration of the women in the local community.
International Romani Day
It is celebrated every year in early April. The idea to mark out such a day was born in 1971 in London, at the first International Congress of Romani.
As a sign of respect for that minority community, our institution marks the annual event by various cultural and artistic shows, important to promote Romani culture and history.

Green Day
By establishing this day (Decision No. 59/2012 of the Local Council), we wanted the entire local community to involve in protecting the environment, operating on two distinct levels: on the one hand, planting saplings, and on the other hand, ecologizing areas in town.
The actions for this day are organized in cooperation with the educational institutions in the city and with the local NGOs, and they take place in early April every year.

Europe Day
A celebration with two important meanings for Romanians, the celebration of peace and unity in Europe but also the Romania’s Independence Day, is annually marked in Petrosani, by cultural and artistic events, attended by a large part of the local community.

Heroes Day
Annually, at the Feast of the Ascension of Our Lord in Petrosani, the heroes are honored in Petrosani by religious ceremonies taking place at the Heroes Cemetery.

International Day of Older Persons                                 
United Nations Organization established during its session in February 1991 that October 1st to be celebrated as the “International Day of Older Persons”.
The 1st of October is a symbol of appreciation and respect of the younger generations for those who worked during their lives to achieve the development of our society and our institution marks this day by cultural and artistic events, including rewarding couples who have reached 50 years of marriage.

World Teachers’ Day
World Teachers’ Day, celebrated on October 5th, is a symbol of appreciation, respect and gratitude we owe to teachers everywhere. Annually, in Petrosani, on this occasion, all those who have worked in educational institutions and during the year, ended their professional activity are awarded during a festivity.

Traditional fair
In October during two days yearly, an event takes place in the city of Petrosani, when our institution wants to promote local products and traditions and where local producers participate with goods and products whose recipes are kept from old times.

Romania’s National Day 
December 1st is celebrated in our community every year with much joy. After the flag-raising ceremony, it follows a show with the participation of local artists and folk dance ensembles. It also has become a tradition that the participants in large number in this holiday, to taste Romanian traditional food – baked beans with pork sausages, offered free by our institution.

International Day of Persons with Disabilities
December 3rd was declared the International Day of Persons with Disabilities by the United Nations Organization.
In solidarity and respect for these people, our institution organizes an annual event whose aim is to promote understanding of the needs of children and adults with disabilities and the need to help them integrate into our society.

Christmas Tree Celebration 
One of the beautiful moments of the activities dedicated to the events of December is the Christmas Tree celebration. It became a tradition that on December 5th, in the afternoon, in Carol Schreter Central Park, it gives way to the lighting ceremony, in a festive atmosphere with the participation of the majority of children in the city. On this occasion there are musical moments in the park and children receive sweets, apples and nuts from Santa’s helpers.

Carols Festival
Each year in December, Carols Festival is organized with the participation of ecumenical choirs from different churches and denominations in the city and of choirs from schools of the municipality.

Every year on Christmas, “momârlanii” of Petrosani, after the service in St. Barbara Church from Airport quarter, men, women and children, all dressed in festive clothes, on carts or ridden on horses neatly trimmed go to the City Hall to carol. They are welcomed here with traditional products: apples, nuts and pretzels.  In this way, we, citizens and public institutions, understand to preserve and carry on the traditions left by the founders of the city.

New Year’s Eve Party of Pensioners
Every year in December, in honor of the seniors of Petrosani, our institution organizes New Year’s Eve Party of Pensioners.