Piatra Crinului is a protected natural area of national interest (nature reserve, botanical type), corresponding to IUCN Category IV. It is an area of 0.5 ha and it is currently included in the protection of natural habitats, wild flora and fauna of Community Interest.

The nature reserve is located near the city of Petrosani, close to Parang Mountains Resort, above the upper limit of the forest area, specifically on the South-Western slope of  Parângul Mic peak at 1,757 m altitude.

There are some rock formations with a rock plant growing here called Potentilla haynaldiana. It grows in the soil of the rocks’ holes and erects,
usually 10-40 cm in length (stems, inflorescences and leaflet), silky hairy villous. The petals are elongated oval, elongated spatulate, truncated or corded imarginated. The flowering period is July.

It is the only area in the country where that Balkan-Dacian species Potentilla haynaldiana grows.

   Coordinates:    45 ° 23’10 “N 23 ° 28’58” E