Places of worship

For the residents of Petrosani, the spiritual life occupies a place of honor in the community, the citizens found their moral support and peace of mind in practicing the rites of their religion.

The construction of the first churches in Petrosani is closely linked to the population growth in the area, due to the commencement of coal mining. The most beneficial periods, in terms of  keeping the spiritual flame alive by building and consecrating churches, were those before and after the communist period.
Thus, in 1887, the Roman Catholic church was built in Petrosani, its first priest was Piringer Iosif. It will be refurbished between 1923-1924, with the support of the General Director of the “Petrosani Society “, Eng. Ioan Winklehner, then, in 1957, the church is restored.

In 1888, the Romanian Orthodox church will be built in Petrosani, its consecration was made by dr. Victor Mihaly, bishop of Lugoj.

Between1892-1896, the evangelical church is built in Petrosani and rearranged in 1910.

In 1900, the Romanian Orthodox Church “St. Nicolae” is built in Petrosani, among its founders being the well-known Romanian priest Avram Stanca, a tireless fighter for the cause of the Romanians in Transylvania, being brought into service on June 22nd, 1900.

From 1924 to 1928, the Unitarian Church “Egy az Isten”is built, its first priest was Veres Bella, between 1920-1943.

Between 1936-1940 Sfanta Biserica (the Holy Church) is built, dedicated to the “Holy Trinity”, pastured by the priest Iuliu Miclea. The construction works were performed by the company from Brasov of Eng. Wildman and the iconostasis, pulpit, pews, candlesticks and the bishop’s tion were sculptured between 1942-1944 by Prof.  Sculptor Aurel Pop from Alba Iulia. The paintings inside the church are made, between 1965-1966, by the artist Constantin Niţulescu and his son, Vasile, in Neo-byzantine fresco technique style.

At November 27th, 1997, it was the consecration of the Romanian Orthodox Church, dedicated to “the Saint Great Martyr Barbara (Varvara)” in the Quarter Airport, the parish priest is Octavian Patrascu, and on October 7th 2001, it was consecrated also by his Beatitude Teoctist, Patriarch of the Orthodox Church of Romania.

On July 13rd 2008  it were starting the works for building a new Greek Catholic church in the Quarter Airport from Petrosani, which, after its consecration, which took place on July 11th 2010, is dedicated to the “Annunciation”, the parish priest being Vasile Solomon.