Jiu Gorge

Jiu Gorge National Park is a protected area of national interest corresponding IUCN category II (national park), located in the South-West of the country, on the administrativ territory of the counties of Gorj and Hunedoara.

In the park area you can find Lainici Monastery, an Orthodox monastery of monks built in 1817. The place of worship is dedicated to the “entry into the Church of Virgin Mary”.

The protected area is in the Southern tip of Hunedoara County (on the administrative territories of Aninoasa, Vulcan and Petroşani cities) and in the Northern tip of Gorj County (on the territory of the town Bumbeşti-Jiu and the village Schela) and it is crossed by the national road DN 66 that connects the towns Deva and Filiaşi.

Jiu Gorge National Park was declared protected area by the Government Decision Number 1581/ Dec. 8th 2005 (on the regime of natural protected areas and natural habitats, wild flora and fauna conservation, approved with amendments by Law no. 462/2001) and has a total area of 11,127 ha.