Roșiile Lake, Parâng Mountains

From all the glacial lakes sheltered in Parang Mountains, Rosiile Lake or Tăul fara Fund (Botomless) is considered the largest glacial lake, the deepest in Parang Mountains, occupying a marginal place in the huge bucket of Rosiile.

Rosiile Lake is surrounded by scree detached from the peaks that guard the lakes in the bucket Rosiile (it is also near Mandra Lake). The deepest lake in Parang Mountains covers an area of ​​3.76 ha, it is located at a height of 1,980 m and its maximum depth is 17,6 m.

On the way to the bucket Rosiile between the forests and the alpine gap, the juniper bushes create real vegetal natural dams, but this is not an impossible barrier for the lovers of trekking.

The bucket Rosiile is very suitable for tent camp; you can organize from here small regional trails, but being very attentive to the weather forecast. The unexpected rains in Parang Mountains are quite violent and the fog is a real enemy for tourists.

Parang Mountains, with its landscape, the beauty and diversity of its lakes, lush vegetation, mountainous landscape and natural or artificial ski slopes is a huge tourist potential of the Romanian Carpathians, besides Retezat, Bucegi and Fagaras Mountains.