Tăul Îngheţat, (Frozen Lake, Parâng Mountains)

          • It is on Mount Sliva – Vf. Mija (Mija Peak) (2,397m alt)
          • Located in Parang Mountains.
          • Altitude: 2,120 m
          • Open fortourists without charge (free).

Taul Inghetat is a glacial lake in Parang Mountains impressive especially because it has ice floes all year long…

          • Arranged:yes
          • Marked trails: yes
          • Geographical characteristics: glacial lake, 0.15 ha, 5m deep.
          • Terms of visiting:special equipment for crossing difficult mountain routes where pensions are rare

Parang Mountains are an interesting destination to visit for both summer and winter and you can find, among other things, a glacial complex with a series of glacial cirques, some keeping lakes of the same nature in them. The glacial relief is, however, best represented in the Jiet basin.
In other words, the Parâng Mountains also boast over 22 very large lakes with big importance. These include: Rosiile, Câlcescu, Mija, Mandra Lake and, not least, Lacul Inghetat (Frozen Lake) or Taul Adanc, always having ice floes.

You can get to Taul Adanc coming from Petrosani (routes: Petrosani – Maleia Valley – Jieţ Valley (upstream) – Cotu Jieţ – right Jieţ Valley (upstream) to the junction with Sliva Creek – to the right on Creek Sliva, outside footpath).

Lacul Inghetat has its basin in Jieţ- Mija bucket and its origin is from the river Sliva. Coordinates place it in Parang Mountains, but more specifically, in Mount Sliva, Mija Peak, at 2,120 meters altitude. It occupies an area of 0.15 ha and 5 meters deep. Its shape is oval.
Around the frozen lake, the landscape is characteristic to the Parang Mountains, wild and steep, with few mountain shelters, but ideal to be explored.

Source: www.cesavezi.ro