biblioteca universitatii petrosani

University Library of Petrosani

Str. Universităţii, No. 20,  Tel. 0254-549013;
University Library of Petrosani offers everyone access to information, ideas, reading, encourages and supports the freedom of knowledge, provide and develops necessary services oriented to readers’ needs.  The Library is subordinated to the University and supports teaching, learning and research activities that take place within it. The basic requirement of Petrosani University Library is to serve the reader, all library activities are subsumed to this fundamental goal.
1948, the year of establishment of the Coal Institute in Petrosani, also marks the moment of the establishment of today library. At the beginning, the library was represented by several cupboards in a room of the ex “Petrosani Society”, situated in Mihai Eminescu Street. Its modest fund of only 3,500 volumes came from donations and transfers from Bucharest and Timisoara polytechnic libraries.biblioteca1
After finishing of the new building, the library moves temporarily into the room that later became the library for periodicals.
1962 represented the library entrance in the special arranged spaces with dedicated facilities, reading rooms and suitable furniture. It could be organized the main catalogs: alphabetical and systematic.
Since 1965, the University Library leaves the idea of ​​being only a specialized library and starts setting up an encyclopedic collection.
In 1969, it constituted the unique fund that was first stored in the former cinema hall of the institute.
The first number of the quarterly “Information Bulletin – Documentary” appears in 1971. In the same period it begins the annual publishing of the “Library Guide”, it is established a bibliographic catalog for years of study, an alphabetical index of systematic catalog – tools particularly useful for prompt, precise and explicit informing to all readers.
On April 29, 1999, by donation, the first computer enters the library, a PC 486.
Since 2000, the library moves into its own building, a modern one, offering generous room for storage and reading. Move action lasts until 2002.
Starting with 2000, the library actively participates at book fairs in order to promote University education from Petrosani.
On December 12, .2001, it was connected to the Internet.
The first bibliographic record in the electronic catalog was done on April 11, 2005. The application is the result of the work of the University computer scientists: Bob Raul, Alex Szekely and Andrei Kovacs.
Starting with September 21, 2007, the electronic catalog is visible in Internet.
Between 7 to 9 of September, 2005, it takes place the 16th National Conference of ABIR.
By purchasing a total of 20 computers in April 2008, the library network currently includes 32 computers.
From April 4, 2012, the library has its own Facebook page.