Verde Lake (Green Lake), Parâng Mountains

Verde Lake is perhaps the most beautiful and impressive lake in Parang Mountains, maybe because of the special shades of the light radiation reflected in the crystal clear water.

The altitude you find Green Lake is 2,020 m, its surface is 0.615 ha and the maximum depth is 6.5 m.

To discover the most beautiful lake in Parang Mountains you must have as starting point the town of Petrosani. You have to accomodate at Rusu or Bujor de Munte Hotel and very well equipped (warning-the weather is very changeable in the mountains), we can start, eventually with the help of a local guide on the way to Verde Lake.

The lake can be visited from late spring to autumn before snowfall, in winter being prohibited because of the avalanche triggering probability.

Parang is characterized by jointing of two types of glacial Carpathian relief with sharp ridges and glacial valleys where there are its beautiful glacial lakes and a Carpathian relief with wide sinuous valleys and small conical peaks.