Zănoaga Stânei Lake, Parâng Mountains

Zănoaga Stânei Lake is a  glacial lake  located in the   Parang Mountains and it is part of the glacial lakes chain together with Mija, Calcescu, Rosiile, Verde, Carja, Mandra, Taul Inghetat Lakes etc.

Generally, the places where lakes were formed, were carved by glaciers in the solid rock of the massifs, at the head of the valleys or even on them, forming lakes and cirque glaciers. The most of the lakes were formed in the irregularities created by the front and lateral last terminal moraine of the ice cap.

Cirque lakes are the most frequent, with small surface and shallow, but there are known cases of surprising depths. Cirque glaciers have a somehow circular shape and they are in the vicinity of the mountain ridge at the head of the valley. Snows accumulated and turned into ice at the head of the valleys by under digger, formed depressions limited at the bottom of glacial thresholds. Cirque lakes are not only isolated at the head of a valley. In some larger upper branched pools, there were developed suites of cirques, called complex cirques. Another form is found in stepped cirques, developed on the same shaft of the valley, as a result of glacial phase sequences.

Source: ro.wikipedia.org