Parang resort is located at an altitude of about 1,800 meters, in the Eastern part of the Jiu Valley, about 5 km away from Petrosani, in the Parang Mountains, with a very attractive tourist potential. The location has become in recent years increasingly popular among tourists, lovers of winter sports especially, thanks to its modern slopes.

Since 2009, the Parang Resort was certified as tourist resort of national interest, being one of the most important resorts in our country. It has chalets and other different types of accommodation, for a large number of tourists, not only from Petrosani, but also from different towns of Hunedoara County, as Deva, Hunedoara or tourists from Craiova, Timisoara and even Bucharest. The access to the venue is to Petrosani on national road DN66, then other 8 km following the county road DJ709 F to Rusu area. From here, the access to the Parang alpine area is served by a chairlift, the second longest in the Romania, after the one from Borsa . You can also ride by car to the resort, but only in summer.

Guests in Parang can choose either an accommodation at the foot of the mountains, near Rusu area, or accommodation in cottages and chalets in the alpine area. They can find here Rusu Hotel, a construction built on the place of the old
Rusu Chalet, which is now a modern building, with a total capacity of 72 beds.

In the mountain resort of Parang there are good possibilities to practice winter sports, with its 9 slopes:  A , B , Europarang , under chairlift , Saivane, C, Culoarul Porcului, Intermediate New Chairlift and Zidul Mortii (Wall of Death). There are slopes for both advanced and beginners, equipped with chairlift, ski-lift and nocturnal installations. In the winter, besides skiing, tourists are also practicing winter sports as sledding, snowboarding, motor scooter rides and paragliding.

Although it is famous especially for its slopes and winter sports, there are many tourists in summer, who enjoy the marked trails that lead to beautiful important sights of Parang and who can practice extreme sports: Off-Road, paragliding, Down-Hill.

Among the main attractions, mountain ridges, steep slopes and deep hollows worth mentioning here, which formed more than 40 glacial lakes, called the pearls of Parang Mountains. You can also find here Calcescu Geological and Botanical Reserve, where there are Calcescu, Pencu, Vidal or Setea Mare Lakes.  Other important glacial lakes in the area are:  Rosiile, which is the deepest lake in these mountains, Iezerul Inghetat or Mija. Another great tourist value of this area is conferred by the Jiu Valley, one of the most impressive cleft of the Carpathians, with unique landscapes and good opportunities for practicing mountain hiking or climbing.


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